Showing Kindness the HC-One Way

At HC-One, kindness is more than a word. It is a belief that caring for people means caring about what matters most to them so we can support them to lead their best possible life. To be able to provide the kindest possible care there are 5 values or qualities that everyone who is part of the HC-One team shows up with, supports and coaches in each other every single day. We call these 5 qualities: Kindness the HC-One Way...


We are CURIOUS and ask questions, look for clues and seek to understand.


We are deeply COMPASSIONATE and try to walk in the shoes of others to understand how we can best support them.


We are CREATIVE yet practical, using our imagination to make things happen.


We are COURAGEOUS and want to support people to live the life they want without shying away from managing the risks that go with that.


We can be COUNTED ON and will always look for ways to be there.

What Our Colleagues Say

These qualities are brought to life every day by every member of the HC-One team through their thoughtfulness, words, and actions…


Creating an environment where people feel they can be themselves.


To treat people with dignity and respect. The way you would wish to be treated yourself.


Being attentive, inclusive and doing something for someone else even if you don't have to.


Quality of being considerate, caring, friendly.


Being selfless and treating others the way you want to be treated.


Kindness is showing empathy and compassion towards others. A friendly smile can make someone's day.


Always being sincere, selfless and warm hearted. Leaving a positive impact on others.


Kindness is knowing that we all struggle, but always finding a way to help others.


A friendly face with a nice smile. Warm heart and always willing to help others.


Doing something for someone because you want to not because you have too.


Kindness means making someone smile everyday by the actions you take.

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