Culture and Values

We have built an outstanding reputation within the care sector and are quickly becoming known as the first choice care home in the local community. All of this wouldn’t be possible without values. Values and being valued is what makes working for HC-One a unique and rewarding experience.

Our Values

Our values play a key role in our continued success and are part of everything we do, every day. They shape the way we work, our commitment to our Residents and how we work together as one team.


Kindness is genuine and comes from the heart. By fostering kindness in our homes we build real connections between our Colleagues, Residents and Relatives.


We know relationships are built on trust and mutual benefit, that’s why we deliver on what we say, keep our promises, and acknowledge any discrepancies.


Simply put, we want our Residents to feel loved and cared for. That’s why we prioritise what is important & focus on those tasks to deliver unrivalled care services.


We adapt a simple approach to care, we are always clear and straightforward in what we say & do, and what’s more, it works.

Best Value

We are not wasteful and we deliver real value

What kindness means to Colleagues at HC-One

Kindness increases our enjoyment of life; it encourages a feeling of harmony within the home, where relationships are built on mutual trust and mutual benefit


Creating an environment where people feel they can be themselves.


To treat people with dignity and respect. The way you would wish to be treated yourself.


Being attentive, inclusive and doing something for someone else even if you don't have to.


Quality of being considerate, caring, friendly.


Being selfless and treating others the way you want to be treated.


Kindness is showing empathy and compassion towards others. A friendly smile can make someone's day.


Always being sincere, selfless and warm hearted. Leaving a positive impact on others.


Kindness is knowing that we all struggle, but always finding a way to help others.


A friendly face with a nice smile. Warm heart and always willing to help others.


Doing something for someone because you want to not because you have too.


Kindness means making someone smile everyday by the actions you take.